Automatic Tablet Counting Machine (Rotary Disc Type)



  • Output 15 to 25 unit /min (depends upon shape and size of tablet )
  • For Sizes of bottles/jars: 28mm mouth dia
  • Tablet counting machine Rotary Disc (Single Head)
  • All contact and visible parts will be made of S.S 304/Acrylic sheet
  • Including S.S Hopper for feeding the tablet.
  • Filling Station will be covered with S S square pipe frame and pexy glass(transparent plastic) cover (GMP)
  • Including 3’’X 4 feet long Canvas conveyor (food grade) with side guides
  • Pneumatic gating system for stopping the bottles during filling
  • Electrical operated Single phase 220 VAC
  • Variable speed for proper filling (with inverter)
  • Good pharma finish