Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for120 ml



  • Output 50 to 55 bottle/min
  • Filling capacity 90 to120 ml for round glass and PET bottles (adjustable)
  • Four nozzles and 4 filling pumps (height of the filling nozzle can be adjustable)
  • All contact parts made up of S.S 316 and visible parts will be made off stainless steel 304
  • Pneumatic gating system to control the bottles during filling
  • Accuracy of fill volume 1 to 2% depends upon products/volume
  • Including 6 feet S S link conveyor with S S side guides
  • S S tray will be fixed under the conveyor to minimize the liquid splashing outside the machine (GMP)
  • Suck back system in each pump to avoid dripping
  • Filling Station will be covered with S S square pipe frame and pexy glass(transparent plastic) cover (GMP)
  • One hp 3 phase 380 v motor with gear box (imported reconditioned)
  • Equipped with S S electrical panel with inverter, switches ,indicators ,push button emergency push and safety overload circuit breaker
  • 1 inlet and 4 outlet SS pipe’s washable header is included
  • Most of the parts of machine will be polished as per requirement-

Nitrogen gas purging system consist of following

  1. Pneumatic gas nozzles inserting system in the bottle
  2. Sensor and solenoid to control/save N2 gas
  3. Flow control/flow indication to confirm flow of gas

Nitrogen regulated will be supplied by your co.

Services required

  1.  3 phase 380 v with neutral1. 3 phase 380 v with neutral
  2.  45 psi compressed air regulated and lubricated
  3. Hot water for washing