Automatic Air Blowing Machine For Glass Bottles



  • Manual loading of bottles on turn
  • Bottle will enter into the rotary part of the machine on air blowing nozzle in close acrylic
  • Dust collection system will be installed which will collect particles in filter
  • After air blowing the bottles will come out on turn table in upright
  • All the process will be carried out in the chamber which is covered with transparent acrylic
  • Machine will be equipped with inverter, electric switch and indicators
  • Main visible frame will be made of Stainless Steel 304 and acrylic sheet, inside frame will be made with S painted.
  • Best quality available tubing will be imported reconditioned gear/motor


100-160 bottles/min(Round glass bottle) Depending upon quality and size of

Services required:

  • 380 VAC 3 phase, 50 hz, 850 W
  • Compressed Air 45 -10 cfm